Sunday, January 17, 2010

Everything In Moderation. Except Moderation

This week I proved for the five thousandth time (because when it comes to scientific testing I am THOROUGH) that sugar is indeed, my gateway food. A handful of crackers does not make me want to eat the entire box of crackers (unless they are white cheddar Cheez-Its, then Nom Nom Nom Nom). A cheeseburger does not make me spend the rest of the day snacking and munching and generally overeating by a factor of ten. Sugar does.

On Wednesday I decided that I could in fact be strong and only eat one cookie. And I was right. But I spent the rest of the day eating other things – and thinking about eating other things. It was harder to feel the desire for a healthy dinner after having that dose of sugar at lunch, and I snacked all night afterwards. Like sugar awakened every joy the act of swallowing and chewing ever had, and so I felt the intense need to engage in it for hours upon end. Oddly enough, on Thursday when I just said, “to hell with it” and ate ALL of the cookies, I didn’t feel this way. I had had enough, and I was fine to eat respectably for the remainder of the day.

I guess all this has really taught me is that moderation is not going to be the key for me. And since my habit of going whole hog is reflected so brilliantly in my ever expanding girth, I’m going to have to work on abstaining* from sugar and sweets as much as I possibly can.

After my daughter’s birthday cake this week of course. You best believe I’m going face down in that sucker.

*Even though everyone knows abstainance never works, hahahahaha!


  1. I am so glad I am reading this blog. You sound exactly like me! The key for me seems to be not having it in the house, ever! Because I will eat it until it is GONE. All of our Christmas treats and candy are gone and there was a LOT of it and my husband had almost none. Not good. So I will go nuts on birthdays and holidays and behave like a normal person the rest of the time, I think.

    I'm going to miss eating cookie dough in front of The Biggest Loser.

  2. I'm the same way. Sugar is evil. And since abstinence isn't the answer (LOL) the thing that works for me (although I've yet to actually do it) is to plan out my food for the day ahead of time. For some reason having a list of what I WILL eat and when makes it so much easier for me to not obsess during the rest of the day. So maybe I have a treat listed for the end of the day (never earlier b/c I have the gate-way issue, too), and knowing it's coming helps me avoid temptation all day. *

    *says the woman who is doing this blog with you b/c she has no impulse control and really needs to practice what she preaches.